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Kit - Product Details

The industrial grade kit is the perfect base to jump start customers within IoT projects and to show typical use cases and capabilities. It includes all necessary components and builds a solid foundation to evaluate projects and requirements.

  • Ready in less than 30 minutes
  • Beautiful dashboards and graphs help you to demonstrate use cases around industrial IoT
  • No soldering or tinkering necessary, everything is setup and configured
  • Self contained and portable, use it on trade shows or demonstrate IoT easily for customers
  • Extend and customize to jump start IoT projects

Use Cases

  • Get started with industrial IoT, this package includes the whole IoT stack and allows you a hassle free entry.
  • Evaluate your own IoT use cases and use it as a base for your projects
  • Hands-on demo and training for engineers and sales teams
  • Extend the kit with more sensors and actuators with ease
  • Demonstrate IoT for customers and partners with this off-the-shelve package


  1. Sensors and IoT Gateway
  2. Free license of azeti Site Controller software running on the gateway for sensor connection and automation
  3. First month free access to azeti's Managed IoT Cloud, see our pricing for available plans

Protocols and I/O

Following are supported by default. Let us know if you miss anything or if you got special requirements.

  • Modbus TCP
  • Modbus RTU
  • SNMP Get
  • SNMP Traps
  • 1-Wire Bus
  • Analog Inputs
  • Analog Outputs
  • Digital Inputs
  • Digital Outputs

Sensor Metrics

1-Wire Sensor Temperature Sensor


Magnetic Door Contact Opened / Closed: Enclosure lid opened or closed
Capacitive Position Sensor True / False: Detects objects placed in front of sensor
LED Light On / Off: Switch on/off the LED light
Switchable Power Socket On / Off: Switch on/off the AC power socket
Energy Meter Voltage
Grid Frequency
Total Active Power
Total reactive power
Total Apparent Power
Power Factor
Total Active Energy
Forward Active Energy
Reverse Active Energy
Total Reactive Energy
Forward Reactive Energy
Reverse Reactive Energy
System Health Cloud Connection
CPU Usage
Used Memory
Available Memory
Free Memory
Disk Free
Load Average (1 Min / 5 Min / 15 Min)