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Site Controller

Runs on the included IoT gateway and collects the measurements and controls the automation rules. Site Controller is fully managed and configured in the azeti Cloud.

IoT Cloud

The managed IoT Cloud provides dashboards with beautiful graphs as well as full remote configuration of your kit, including automation rules and notifications.



Flexible 1-Wire sensor measures ambient temperature.


Single phase smart meter with switchable power socket. Provides 40+ detailed metrics for AC power.

Position & Door

Capacitive position sensor that detects if an object is placed close plus door sensor detecting if enclosure is opened.

Fully assembled & preconfigured

Start with your kit immediately by just plugging in the network cable. Log in to the azeti web app, where the sensor data is being displayed on preconfigured dashboards and graphs.

Demonstrate IoT use cases

Give your customers a live demonstration of IoT by showing real time changes of sensors in the azeti web app or triggering actions from there. Different sensors and metrics allow you to demo use cases according to your customers needs.

Extend & customize the kit

Adjust the kit to your customers needs by leveraging azeti’s broad support of industrial protocols and additional ports of the kit for your choice of sensors.


We are happy to hear from you to answer all your questions. No matter if it is technical, in regards to use cases or if the current offerings do not quite match your requirements. Let us know so we can work it out with you.

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